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About company

Our company was founded in May 2000 as a supplier of refractory materials for metallurgical enterprises. Since 2002 the company has specialized in the production of recycling abrasive grains.

We mainly produce grains of normal electrocorundum (13, 14 A) and silicon carbide (53, 54 C).

Since 2006, our organization has started to produce abrasive tools on a magnesia bond.
We produced tools made for scraping concrete floors. In 2009, our organization produced ceramic-bonded tools, at the moment this direction is closed.
Since 2010, we have started the production of abrasive tools on a resine bond.
Since 2011, our wheels have been used at many foundries in Ukraine, showing very good metal removal rates.
Since 2014, we have produced cut and grinding wheels with a diameter of 300, 230 mm.

Our main consumers are all carriage-making and steel-making plants in Ukraine.